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3 Benefits of Sleeping Alongside Your Pup

Do you consider yourself a dog-lover? If so, are you familiar with the benefits to co-sleeping with your dog?

A Casper infographic acknowledges not just one, but thirteen benefits to sleeping with your dog at night. Sleeping with your dog promotes a stronger bond with your dog, decreases loneliness and promotes theta brainwaves.

Bond Between Man and Dog

Sharing your bed with your pup shows your dog they are part of the family. Some people found this to make the training process easier with their puppies. Plus, who doesn’t love staying warm in bed?

Alaskan native-Americans practiced “three dog nights” which essentially was sleeping with dogs to stay warm at night. This involved helping dogs stay warm near campfires at night and snuggling in the native-Americans’ beds on freezing nights.

Man’s Best Friend

3 Benefits of Sleeping Alongside Your Pup

Living alone can be scary and hard on many people. Adding a pet into the mix can decrease loneliness, especially while sleeping at night. Sleeping alone links to feelings of depression and discomfort, counteracting these feelings can be a challenge.

Dogs can help combat feelings of loneliness while still keeping you warm. Plus, co-sleeping with them offers additional benefits like security and relaxation.

Theta Brainwaves

Being in the presence of a furry friend can increase humans’ flow of oxytocin. Oxytocin is a chemical found in your bloodstream that promotes positive moods. Additionally, oxytocin has a large impact on how deeply humans sleep. Sleeping next to your dog can promote theta brainwaves which transpire in the REM stage.

A Pedigree study identified dogs and their owner’s heartbeats synch up while asleep. This proves the impact of sleeping alongside your pup has on your brain.

These three benefits and more are further detailed in Casper’s research-backed reasons to sleep with your dog infographic. Whether you’re looking for a cuddle buddy or health benefits, this infographic includes a diverse list of benefits for you and your puppy!

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