15 Things Only a Corgi Parent Would Understand

1. Prepare for the barking here and there at everything or nothing at all.
15 Things Only a Corgi Parent Would Understand

Source: IG @simonsits

2. Corgis love scratching/petting so better not start it if your time is limited.

Source: IG @jimmyjamcorgi

3. The corgis have a fear of heights because of their short legs.

Source: IG @Corgi_shnaps_m.a

4. Be aware that corgis are not fat, but they have the cutest butts on earth.

Source IG: @ginny_corgi

5. Corgis are not bed invaders; they love sleeping in a hallway or on a couch.

Source IG: @babypuppyfeed

6. The corgis are adventurous.

Source IG: @corgifeed

7. The corgis don’t sit; they just love to sploot.

Source IG: @mochi_the_splooting_corgi

8. The corgis are tough competitors; they never give up easily.

15 Things Only a Corgi Parent Would Understand

Source IG: @toby_cute_corgi

9. Corgis are expert in herding.

Source IG: @wallythewelshcorgi

10. Corgis are suitable for cooler places.

Source IG: @wicketcorgi

11. The life expectancy of corgis can be up to 12 to 15 years.

Source: IG @the_corgi_love_is_real

12. Corgis are head turners because of their cuteness.

Source IG: @willothecorgi

13. Corgi loves playing balls.

Source: IG @nano.thecorgi

14. The struggle is real in the training process because they can be stubborn.

Source: @corgi_samy

15. Never left corgis being bored or else expect a disaster.

Source: @davyjonesthecorgi

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