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10 Things to Know about Hydrotherapy for Dogs

A form of physiotherapy that uses water to cure injuries and mitigate pain in dogs is known as hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy for dogs is an effective method to provide strength to them, to improve their immune system, to relieve pain and to build their muscles, without exerting excessive pain on their joints.

10 Things to Know about Hydrotherapy for Dogs

Dogs that have been paralyzed, have lost limbs in injuries, have been undergoing excruciating pain, have been diagnosed with arthritis, or have been facing any mobility issues, hydrotherapy, a form of water therapy for dogs, is a great way to provide rehabilitation to them.

10 things to Know about Hydrotherapy for Dogs

1. There are mainly three types of hydrotherapy or water therapy for dogs– Whirlpool Therapy, Dog Pools Therapy, and Underwater Treadmill Therapy.

2. A whirlpool therapy is similar to that of a Jacuzzi. It is installed with jet streamers that massage the injured areas of a dog. Dog pool Therapy is recommended for old-aged dogs diagnosed with arthritis or related issues. Whirlpool Therapy is a form of hydrotherapy for dogs, which consists of a treadmill, enclosed in a glass chamber filled with water. A treadmill facilitates the movement of a dog, and water provides resistance.

3. Hydrotherapy can be performed only by supervised therapists who are experienced and have a robust knowledge of hydrotherapy. Medical guidance is recommended, practised with due care and precautions. Equipment used for carrying forward hydrotherapy for dogs should also be well functioning and should be handled with care.

10 Things to Know about Hydrotherapy for Dogs

4. Other than providing relief from pain, hydrotherapy for dogs are also promoted for various other reasons, such as healing body tissues, maintaining and keeping the cardiovascular system of dogs fit and healthy, strengthening muscles, and facilitating proper blood circulation.

5. Dog owners or trainers can take up the job of providing water therapy for dogs by taking them to nearby pools or oceans and encouraging them to swim and promote their activeness. Canine life vests can be used for dogs frightened of getting in the water during the initial stages.

6. Hydrotherapy does not cause any sort of unnecessary stress to the dogs. This form of exercise is very calming, and can be practiced to give a soothing effect on joints and muscles and also reduces inflammation. They are also a great procedure to remove the issue of stiff joints and mobility issues. Hydrotherapy practiced by encouraging dogs to swim, also helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

7. If dogs experience mobility issues, their movements and activeness are restrained. This often results in them having a mundane lifestyle wherein they have no sort of activity to do. This gradually leads to them gaining a lot of weight that can also result in other health issues. Water therapy for dogs thus acts as a great solution wherein dogs invest their time in activities like swimming, and they also tend to lose a lot of weight.

8. Hydrotherapy is a great option for dogs of all ages. From pups, young dogs and mid-aged dogs, to older dogs facing serious bone-related problems, hydrotherapy is one form of physiotherapy that can expedite relief over a wide number of issues.

9. Hydrotherapy is a little on the expensive side. However, it is mainly based on different factors, like the length of the session, the health problem it is used for, the kind of hydrotherapy practiced. Underwater Treadmill Treatment is the most expensive treatment among all.

10. Hydrotherapy can last for a time period as short as one week to as long as a lifetime. The session usually depends on the problem it is used for. Older dogs who use it to cure arthritis need it for a longer period, in comparison to younger dogs that require it only to cure injuries and mitigate pain.


Hydrotherapy is an incredible form of therapy for dogs that are fussy and are not comfortable with surgeries or strict medications. It is a more flexible and easy form of physiotherapy and is also proven to yield the maximum results in improving the health of dogs.

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