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10 Things to Know if a Dog Breeder is Reputable

10 Things to Know if a Dog Breeder is Reputable?

Looking to buy a dog? And that too from a reputable breeder? It can be a tricky job but not impossible. Here are some tips to look for before you decide to go for a breeder.

1. Start with visiting the breeders home to get an idea of the dog’s parents. This also gives an idea about the dog’s temperament, appearance and living condition.

2. Take note of how dog’s and puppies interact with their breeder. Does it look like the breeder actually takes care of his pets or negligence is evident. The bond between the breeder and the dog should be friendly and neither one of them should shy away from each other.

3. A good breeder will always be honest about their dog’s health and existing conditions, weaknesses and genetic conditions. He would inform you completely about how the condition affects the dog adversely and what should be done to avoid it.

10 Things to Know if a Dog Breeder is Reputable

4. It’s also smart to establish a good dynamic with the breeder of your dog, since it will go a long way in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your dog. A good breeder will encourage you to get in touch with them in case an emergency occurs with your dog or if they develop crisis at any stage in their life.

5. If your breeder has too old or too young dogs to offer, that may also be a warning sign. A good breeder has a wide range of variety to offer. If a certain breeder is breeding too many females, you might want to consider someone else.

6. Your breeder should be willing to answer all your questions. The breeders should also ask questions about your dynamic with previous pets. A good breeder would want their pets to end up with good homes. So if they are enquiring about you and your take on keeping the pet? It’s a good thing.

10 Things to Know if a Dog Breeder is Reputable?

7. A reputable breeder will have all the necessary paper work sorted out. Beware of breeders who refuse or are hesitant to provide you with the proper paperwork or wants to charge you extra for AKC paperwork.

8. If the breeder offers you paperwork other than that from AKC or tried to delay it saying they will mail it to you later. Take that as a warning sign. A good breeder will carry out all your paperwork hassle free.

9. Breeders who do not maintain standards are short listed on yearly basis and lose AKC privileges. In cases where major deficiencies are present, fines are enforced and licenses may also get cancelled. Make sure you do not get stuck with such a breeder and always ask for essential licensing. You can also contact AKC customer service to inquire about a certain breeder and where they stand in terms of their practice and service.

10. Look for reviews and references. A good breeder will usually have a page on social media where their clients post reviews about the service and pet types.

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