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10 Things to Know about Cannabis Oil for Dogs



Cannabinoids in the cannabis oil act on endocannabinoid receptors located in central and peripheral nervous system to maintain healthy bodily function.

1. Most Cannabis oils are made using Cannabidiol, which typically comes from hemp. It doesn’t have psychoactive properties and is safe for use to provide relaxation to your dog.

2. Cannabis oil is known to have beneficial effects against anxiety disorder. If your dog suffers from excessive anxiety, giving them a massage using cannabis oil may help a great deal. Apart from anxiety it also helps in combating phobias such as night phobias or dark phobias.

3. Cannabis oil has elements that play a protective role against cancer. They are known to have anti-tumor properties and work by inhibiting tumor cell growth, strengthening immune system and blocking the ability of cancer cells to produce energy to grow.

4. If your dog suffers from seizures and fits, cannabis oil can come in handy. Anti-epileptic drugs can be given but they are extremely harmful for your dog’s liver. Cannabis oil is known to work well in drug resistant epilepsy.

5. Cannabinoids in cannabis oil is known to be an excellent pain reliever. It may be any kind of pain ranging from nerve related pain or due to inflammation in any part of the body. Cannabis oil has proven to be effective in a huge number of cases.

6. If your dog suffers from inflammatory bowel disease, Cannabis oil may be the answer to your queries. Cannabinoids in cannabis oil prevents colitis and restores maintains normal gut motility. Cannabis oil also has antibiotic properties especially against resistant staphylococcus infections.

7. Cannabis oil is known to be effective against autoimmune disease. It plays a huge role in reducing allergies and hypersensitivity reactions. Cannabis oil is also known to be a powerful antioxidant.

8. Cannabis oil can be protective against the nervous system and neurodegenerative disease. It plays an important role in protecting brain cells against toxicity.

9. If your dog hasn’t been eating lately, give them a massage using cannabis oil. It is very beneficial when it comes to reduced appetite. Cannabis oil is also helps with extreme nausea and vomiting.

10. Cannabinoids in the cannabis oil have a protective affect against the heart. They play an important role in reducing damage to blood vessels and maintaining a normal heart rate. It also reduces heart rate and blood pressure.

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