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10 Reasons Your Dog is Panting and What to do About it

10 Reasons Your Dog is Panting and What to do About it

Dogs are full of energy and they love to run and jump around. This may be the reason for panting. However, it is important to know that not all forms of painting are the same. Panting can seem normal in specific circumstances but it could also be caused by some underlying medical conditions.

Therefore, as a dog owner, it is crucial to recognize the difference between normal panting and panting that needs medical attention. These can also be a sign of a life-threatening situation that requires immediate care.

1. Heat

The bodies of dogs are designed in a way that efficiently maintains the ideal core temperature. If a dog’s temperature rises, their body takes effective measures to cool it down, this is why they pant.

Due to the fur on their bodies, they tend to feel hotter than humans. If your dog’s temperature is higher than normal, it is best to consult a doctor as this may indicate a heat stroke on a hot day. Dogs who pant due to extreme heat may try to cool themselves down by lying on a cold tile floor or by seeking shade.

2. Exercise

Exercise may be a cause for overheating. If your dog has been playing outside in excessive heat or in a place with no ventilation, it may cause their body to heat up.
When the muscles are engaged in activities like exercise, they generate heat, which is an obvious reason for panting.

3. Emotions

Dogs are known for being emotional. Feeling intense emotions can also cause them to pant. The adrenaline rush caused by the emotions may disrupt the body temperature of their body. The only way a dog can restore its body to a state of normalcy is by panting.

Both negative and positive emotions can trigger this in dogs. It is important to understand the context of the situation to figure out if it is stress, anxiety, or fear.

4. Breathing Issues

Panting may often be caused by some respiratory or cardiovascular disorders. They may appear anxious or in distress. It can also be why they have been breathing with their mouth open or with their neck extended. They also have trouble lying down and may prefer to sit.

Laryngeal paralysis is a medical condition that interferes with a dog’s ability to breathe. The muscles pull the dog’s airways open and make it difficult to function properly. This may lead to excessively noisy panting and a raspy bark.

5. Pain

Sometimes facial expressions can also say a lot and it is important to recognize signs of pain. Often dogs try to sit close to their owner in hopes of getting their attention. Other times they may change their posture frequently to ease the pain.

This is often seen in dogs who suffer from orthopedic, stomach related issues or spinal problems.

6. Medication

If you notice panting shortly after trying a new medication, this may also indicate a possible side effect. It is important that you research a medication before giving it to your pet.
Steroids are known to cause certain side-effects like excessive drinking, increased urination, and panting.

7. Obesity

Overweight dogs pant more because of the weight on their body. Excessive fat can also lead to a number of complications in the functioning of the lungs. These dogs may get tired frequently or find themselves easily exhausted after a little activity.

8. Neurological problems

In older dogs, panting and unusual behaviors may signal seizures or brain problems. If you find them exhibiting unusual behaviors, a brain mass may also be a possibility. However, it’s best to consult a vet and get an MRI.

9. High Blood Pressure

Dogs may at times suffer from high blood pressure along with other medical conditions like kidney problems. Getting their blood pressure checked regularly may help you tackle high blood pressure issues in dogs.

10. Aging

Panting can also be a sign of aging. The process of oxygenation might become less efficient with age. If the panting is very severe, it may also be indicative of some medical factors.

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