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10 Interesting Facts about Dogs

Dogs have been widely considered to be the best possible pet for some time (sorry, cats!), and while most everyone possesses some basic knowledge of the furry friends—what they like to do and eat, for example—there are still quite a few facts and points about canines that many are unfamiliar with.

Let’s take a look at ten interesting facts about dogs!

10. Dogs Have More Teeth Than Humans

Interestingly, the average, fully grown dog has 42 teeth, while puppies have 28; adult humans, however, have only 32 teeth! We always knew there was a reason that smiling dogs looked so awesome!

9. Dogs Run Naturally Hot, Compared to Humans

Although most humans are the ones that need to “chill out”, dogs actually have a much warmer internal temperature—normally between 101 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit! Humans have an internal temperature of 97.8 degrees to 99 degrees Fahrenheit, typically.

8. Black and White No More!

Although dogs are commonly believed to possess black-and-white vision and be colorblind, they are actually able to see in a number of colors that scientists are still disputing, including blue, green, and yellow.

7. France Loves Dogs!

Despite boasting a population of just 66 million residents, which although notable, is only about the twentieth largest in the world, France is also home to the second largest number of dogs in a country, behind the US.

6. The US Loves Dogs More (Overall, Not Per-Person)!

Facts About Dogs

The US is home to more dogs than France, as 70-80 million furry friends are members of human families here. However, this of course means that there are less dogs owned per-person in the US, so the ever-raging debate as to which country loves dogs more is showing no signs of slowing down!

5. Bluey The Dog Lived For 29 Years!

The life expectancy of the average dog is on the rise, but from 1910 until 1939, Bluey, an Australian cattle dog, defied the odds and lived a healthy twenty-nine-year life, when medical care was far from as advanced as it is today. Talk about an awesome run!

4. Dogs’ Sense of Smell, Generally, Is Up To 100,000 Times Greater Than Humans!

Everyone knows that dogs can detect scents much more impressively than humans can, but in pure statistical form, their ability to pick-up on smells is over 100,000 times stronger than that of people!

3. Night Vision, Check!

Dogs can see very well during the night, unlike humans, thanks to a special component in their eyes, tapetumlucidum. However, as dogs age, their vision does deteriorate like that of humans, and naturally, issues navigating without the assistance of light arise first.

2. Dogs Move to Their Own Beat and Rhythm

While humans have an average heartrate of 60 to 100 beats per minute, dogs boast an average heart rate of 60-140 beats per minute. Dogs beat, move, and think fast!

1. Dogs Hear It All!

Thanks to their specific internal make-up, dogs possess the ability to hear sounds over four times further than those which humans can recognize! Talk about really hearing it all!

These facts are both interesting and educational, but still, there is quite a bit more to know! Good luck learning about and loving dogs!
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