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10 Donations That Every Animal Rescue Needs

10 Donations That Every Animal Rescue Needs

Photo by Kenan Kitchen on Unsplash

Animal rescues around the world take in thousands of abandoned four-legged pets every day that are looking for fur-ever homes. However, both animal rescue shelters and foster carers are desperately in need of supplies and donations – especially during these troubling times. So, if you’re planning on a spring clean and find any of the following items, make sure to donate them to your local animal rescue center.

1. Food or treats

Most households with pets buy food or treats in bulk, making it a problem if you want to change the diet of your pet or if your pet does not like that food. To make the best use of it, donate it to an animal shelter that desperately needs it. The majority of the shelters will accept pet food as long as it is not expired and unopened.

2. Towels and Blankets

Many of us have old towels and blankets that we do not use anymore, especially if we have hosted a pet in our apartment – but they are much appreciated and needed in shelters! Animal shelters use towels both for cleaning and bedding, while blankets are used for keeping animals warm. If you have different sizes of blankets, even better! You can use them for dogs of different ages and shapes.

3. Toys

Toys are something all animals love, so you can donate all of your old and sturdy toys to keep our four-legged friend entertained at the shelter. Keep in mind to separate unsafe and toxic toys, or those with small parts. Stuffed squeak toys are also a threat because of our furry buddies who like to chew and can sometimes swallow the squeaky part. If you’re unsure which toys are suitable or not, your local animal shelter will be happy to help.

10 Donations That Every Animal Rescue Needs

Photo by Kenan Kitchen on Unsplash

4. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are something people usually overlook when making a donation to an animal rescue. Yet, they are one of the most important donations you can make! Potty accidents are quite common in shelters, especially with puppies!

Anything from hand sanitizers, dishwashing liquid, bleach, disinfecting wipes, brooms, and gloves are more than welcome. Even paper towels and garbage bags come in handy and are so appreciated.

5. Newspapers

Do you have old newspapers lying around in your house or basement? If you are doing a big clear out, donating them to an animal rescue shelter would be a great idea. Shelters frequently use newspapers at the bottom of animals’ cages or crates, but they need to be replaced often since they are soiled quickly, which makes them a very desirable donation.

6. Food and Water Bowls

Food and water bottles are always a necessary item in every shelter. Sometimes, over two bowls are in one kennel, depending on how many animals are occupying it. Dogs often like to play with their bowls or toss them around which can damage them. So, if you have a bowl you do not use anymore, now is the perfect time to donate it!

7. Collars and Leashes

Collars and leashes are also desirable, whether they are new or mildly used. With so many furry friends who want to take a walk, there is definitely a shortage of them. To keep our buddies in shelter physically active, donate any of your old leashes and collars.

8. Metal Crates, Carriers or Litter Boxes

Metal Crates and Carriers are pricey, and animal rescues do not always have sufficient funds to buy them. Litter boxes are also much appreciated since it is recommended that each cat has its own litter box. Therefore, it would be convenient if you could donate the carriers, crates or litter boxes you no longer use or if you are buying a new one to donate your old ones.

9. Office Products

Office products are not something that comes to mind while making a list of donations for animal rescue shelters. However, this kind of supply is necessary for offices that take care of our furry companions and for all the paperwork that is being done for them.

10. Monetary support

Money is always something you can donate to every animal shelter, and they will always need it. It is widely known that shelters have a tight budget, so every support in the form of financial aid is welcome and very much appreciated. There are other ways you can help shelters, such as donating a gift card or buying a postcard, which has become increasingly popular.

Animal rescue shelters are warm and noble centers where you can come and be filled with love and joy among so many wonderful animals. By donating you are making it possible for animal rescues to survive and thrive.

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