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10 Common Myths about Animal Shelters Debunked

10 Common Myths about Animal Shelters Debunked

Every one of the readers has come across the word “myth’’ at least once till today in their lifetime, though every one of us knows that almost all myths tend to be false, people still believe in them which causes a lot of misunderstanding and these spread even more than before.

Such things make us extremely unsure about anything, and untrusty towards everything, especially when people consider adopting animals as pets. Thus creating issues for a lot of people who are new to this field.

So animal experts always advise everyone should research such stuff, and look for their answers from authentic sources and sites either from government or government-supported organizations, which are responsible for pet care and animal welfare. This helps people to differentiate between myths and real information.

Today we will go through the top 10 common myths spread around and differentiate between them which ones are true or false.

1. All Animal Shelters Are Directly Managed By Large Organizations

This myth particularly can make one feel very insecure on many levels to a lot of people. A misunderstanding at such scales gives a huge setback to all kinds of animal support organizations or programs.

This is why even though there are a lot of people thinking of approaching these kinds of organizations either for adoption or help backout.

So to clear this the director of operations for the Cleveland Animal Protective League ( APL ), Ayse Dunlap which serves about 16,000 animals per year said against this myth by stating that this myth is entirely false.

She also added to her statement that unless it’s a government-supported facility every other organization whether its a shelter or a rescue center, runs exclusively either on donations or grants by people and surrounding communities.

2. All Animals Available For Adoption In Shelters Are Old

This is another top, common myth that is widely spread which basically says that shelters put on only the old/aged animals open for adoption. That is completely not true, this misconception keeps people outside the shelter houses and they end up not intending to enter.

This statement is false too, as no animal shelter discriminates between animals with their ages, as they have kittens from two months old to 12 years dogs, it just depends on the season, some seasons just don’t have much reproduction of kittens or puppies, so to summarize it actually depends on the time of the year, these were confirmed by Dunlap the director of APL.

3. The Officials/Staff Does Not Have Enough Knowledge About Animals At The Shelter Or Rescue Centers

It is very important for a person to get a sufficient amount of awareness about anything or work they intend to accomplish, so when a person is in that process they wish for the professionals they seek help from to have plenty of knowledge so that the person can feel assured.

This misconception is pretty much false as the others as if on official/employee at any center whether it’s the shelter, or rescue center will have as much knowledge, experience, and information needed to assist a person with queries or an animal in need, these were verified by Dunlap from APL.

Dunlap also added that every staff member at the shelters, all are either veterinarians, specialists, or animal experts. All of these people are highly experienced professionals, who know how to handle animals, whether it’s their health care, temperament, or likes, dislikes, and food preferences.

4. Animal Shelters Only Keep Cat And Dogs

There are all kinds of animal lovers, some prefer cats, some dogs, and some other animals. So people need to know if shelters do or don’t provide services for other animals too.

Thus due to such misunderstanding adopters do not even try to consider asking questions to shelters to resolve their confusion.

According to Dunlap, and many other big/small organizations, shelters do not just put cat and dogs for adoption, they also provide other mammals to adopt such as rabbits, guinea pigs, many types of small four-leggers and even birds ( which sometimes can include exotic birds, to aid in their rescue).

5. Purebreds Are Not Available In Shelters For Adoption

Some people when considering adopting animals they prefer to adopt a purebred, but because of such false rumors, that shelters do not provide purebreds to adopters, people can not develop trust in these organizations.

As per Cleaveland’s APL, and Found Animals, more than 25% of animals put for adoption in shelters in The U.S.A. are purebreds, whether they are dogs, cats or any other animals. Also, there are rescue groups who specify in purebreds or in one type of purebreds, these kinds of groups are quite common nowadays.

6. Shelters Are Normally Dirty And Unhygienic

Such a myth can be quite silly but people tend to believe these things very easily, that is the reason people don’t go all the way to see if what they heard or read is true or false.

This is false as shelters clean up and give health treatment to animals as soon as they reach the shelters from their untidy self. Also, they start to make the animals get used to grooming and bath from time to time until it becomes a habit for the animals.

7. Fees For Adoption Are Expensive

This one can be quite contradictory as shelters sometimes spend quite a deal of money for the animals from rescuing to treatments, vaccinations, grooming to sometimes training.
For so much work they sometimes don’t even charge one-third of what they spend, so it might not be a bad deal.

8. Animals At The Shelters Have Temperamental Issues

This another false myth as shelters always have specialists volunteering who take note of such stuff for the first time and work on it in the future until they recover only after that the animals are allowed to be put for adoption.

Also, most of the animals that arrive at the shelters are family pets, abandoned or rescued.

If these animals have any behavior issue that is because the previous owner didn’t work with the pet, but these cases are very rare and most of the animals do not have any behavioral issues, confirmed by Dunlap from APL.

9. One Does Not Get To Know Enough The Pet They Are Adopting From The Shelter From Before

This another false myth as shelters or rescue centers organize meets in the shelters to get to know more about both the shelter and the pet they are considering. This is an opportunity for the shelter to observe how the adopter interacts with the animals and if the pet can get along enough to get adopted, this process is called “ the visiting room”.

This the first step before moving forward to the adoption process, Dunlap explained.

10. Shelters Are Very Sad Places

This last myth is widely mistaken as each person has a different point of view. Let us look at this from a different angle, think you are walking in the street and at some corner of a dark lane, you find a dirty body filled with scratches and injuries on top starving from hunger.

So even if you rescue that animal, take it to a veteran to treat it, then take to your house and take care of it, love it, and comfort it. Even after such hard work that little innocent thing will take quite a lot of time to overcome the trauma that it went through.

So how can one expect that all animals at the shelters can be happy and go lucky, at the first meeting! These animals need some time to get used to everything and get over their past, we need to understand these small things ourselves if we are considering being responsible for life in the future.

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