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Large and Small Plush Hedgehog Dog Toy

Super deluxe top notch hedgehog! An all time favorite plush toy for dogs. This one makes cute chattering sounds. Squeeze his tummy, hear him chatter.

  • Electronic Voice
  • Large: 6 ½ in. x 7½ in.
  • Small:4 ½ in. x 5 in.

Large Krinkle and Squeak Newspaper Plush Toy

After years of fetching newspapers for their owners, we thought it was time for dogs to have a paper of their very own. The Doggone Times comes complete with 3 squeakers, Krinkle paper that create a unique rustling sound and of course articles just for your dog!

  • Made from durable canvas material
  • Large:Measures 9 ½ in.
  • Small:Measures 7¼ in.

Sock Monkeys Plush Toys

Sock Monkeys have seen a recent surge in popularity. Whether you choose the classic brown and white look or one of our new striped, polka dot or argyle designs, your pet will love it! All styles contain a squeaker for added fun. Pick one (or all four) up today and see what has made this toy an American icon!

  • Measures 10.5" tall.

WarDogs Bone Dog Toy

Pet Qwerks is a proud sponsor of the United States War Dogs Association. Your purchase will result in a contribution to both the retired and working service dogs. This cause is dedicated to helping all dogs that have faithfully served our nation. Service dogs help keep soldiers out of bombs, land mines and drugs. They subdue enemies and have saved countless lives.

  • Measures 9" long
  • Durable nylon construction
  • It floats!
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