Holiday Toys

Christmas Babble Ball

It sings, talks and interacts with your pet. Over 10 different sounds and jingles!

Xmas Jingle Xtire Ball

Rugged One Piece Constrtuction

Holiday Toys

Holiday Toys
Holiday Toys

Holiday Toys are Christmas Babble Ball it sings, talks and interacts with your pet. Over 10 different sounds and jingles! and Xmas Jingle Xtire Ball is Rugged One Piece Constrtuction.

James Gick’s world is filled with mindless babble, and he likes it that way. Gick, is not only the president of Pet Qwerks Inc., but he is also the inventor of the Babble Ball, an interactive toy that rivets the attention of pets. How? It talks and makes noises when touched, thanks to technology that is so sensitive that it can be triggered by a pet breathing on it or just by the vibration of a pet walking nearby.

The three versions have their own unique series of English expressions and sounds. Gick says the ball is not only fun but also healthy for pets. “It’s typical that pets, especially dogs, become quite excited with the balls. The physical workouts provide all the benefits of healthy exercise.

That business prospered and grew for 20 years. This business also was sold, leaving Gick to venture out on his own and start up a new company specializing in gift products. “Our headquarters was in the Irvine Spectrum. We initially focused on proprietary craft products and later became a distributor of products for other companies.

“I’m constantly pitching the balls to stores, and I get new customers and reorders every day, but it took me over a year to really get rolling.” I just had a good feeling about the concept, and I have always enjoyed pets. We have patents pending for more new and unique products, so the future looks very bright. I never thought it would take off as well as it did, and it’s an exciting time.”

Pet Qwerks branched eventually into gift and stationery products with a line of oversized postcards called ‘Better Than A Letter,'” he recalled. “One day, I got a call from a company in Phoenix, and they asked if my business was for sale. They wanted to buy the rights to my postcards to create talking postcards, so we met, and I eventually sold the business to them.”