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LEGAL: The image and sound files on this website are provided for the limited purpose of the promotion and/or sale of Pet Qwerks products. Resellers and News Media are welcome to download and use the files for such purposes so long as clear identification or credit is included such as by "Pet Qwerks, Inc."™ or "Babble Ball"™ , etc.

Pet Qwerks Product Brochure

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Hi-res Pet Images

Boxer with X-Tire Ball

Black Lab with Babble Ball

Dog with Flavorit Bone (Snowdog)

Dog with Flavorit Bone (Dachshund)

Sound Files for Babble Balls

Animal Sounds Babble Balls

Talking Babble Ball Sounds

Kitty Babble Ball Sounds

Hi-res Product Images Updated

Antler Smoked Cheese Large no package

Antler Smoked Cheese Medium no package

Antler Smoked Cheese Small no package

A16 Large - Antler Smoked Cheese Flavor

A17 Medium - Antler Smoked Cheese Flavor

A18 Small - Antler Smoked Cheese Flavor

BarkBone Chicken

BarkBone Peanut Butter

BarkBone Mint

FNBBP1 BarkBone Peanut Large

FNBBP2 BarkBone Peanut Medium

FNBBP3 BarkBone Peanut Small

FWBM1 BarkBone Breath Large

FWBM2 BarkBone Breath Medium

FWBM3 BarkBone Breath Small

FNBBC1 BarkBone Chicken Large

FNBBC2 BarkBone Chicken Medium

FNBBC3 BarkBone Chicken Small

Antler Smoked Cheese Flavor

ZA4 - Antler Chicken Large

ZA5 - Antler Chicken Medium

ZA6 - Antler Chicken Small

ZA7 - Antler Liver Large

ZA8 - Antler Liver Medium

ZA10 - Antler Peanut Butter Large

ZA11 - Antler Peanut Butter Medium

ZA9 - Antler Liver Small

ZA12 - Antler Peanut Butter Small

ZFL1 - Flavorit Berry XLarge

ZFL2 - Flavorit Berry Large

ZFL3 - Flavorit Berry Medium

ZFL4 - Flavorit Berry Small

ZFL10 - Flavorit Sweet Potato XLarge

ZFL11 - Flavorit Sweet Potato Large

ZFL12 - Flavorit Sweet Potato Medium

ZFL13 - Flavorit Sweet Potato Small

ZFLB1 - Flavorit Breath XLarge

ZFLB2 - Flavorit Breath Large

ZFLB3 - Flavorit Breath Medium

ZFLB4 - Flavorit Breath Small

ZFLF1 - Flavorit Flex Peanut Butter XLarge

ZFLF2 - Flavorit Flex Peanut Butter Large

ZFLF3 - Flavorit Flex Peanut Butter Medium

ZFLF4 - Flavorit Flex Peanut Butter Small

ZFLF10 - Flavorit Flex Bacon XLarge

ZFLF11 - Flavorit Flex Bacon Large

ZFLF12 - Flavorit Flex Bacon Medium

ZFLF13 - Flavorit Flex Bacon Small

ZFLFB1 - Flavorit Flex Breath XLarge

ZFLFB2 - Flavorit Flex Breath Large

ZFLFB3 - Flavorit Flex Breath Medium

ZFLFB4 - Flavorit Flex Breath Small

ZFLP1 - Flavorit Peanut Butter XLarge

ZFLP2 - Flavorit Peanut Butter Large

ZFLP3 - Flavorit Peanut Butter Medium

ZFLP4 - Flavorit Peanut Butter Small

ZFNC1 - Flavorit Chicken XLarge

ZFNC2 - Flavorit Chicken Large

ZFNC3 - Flavorit Chicken Medium

ZFNC4 - Flavorit Chicken Small

ZXTR6 Small Jingle X-Tire Tug N Toss

ZFLBG1 - Flavorit Bubble Gum XLarge

ZFLBG2 - Flavorit Bubble Gum Large

ZFLBG3 - Flavorit Bubble Gum Medium

ZFLBG4 - Flavorit Bubble Gum Small

Flavorit Bubble Gum

FR1 – Doggie Disk

XTire Animal Sounds Large

XTire Animal Sounds Small

XTire Blinky Ball Large

XTire Blinky Ball Small

XTire Jingle Ball Large

XTire Jingle Ball Small

ZXTR1 - XTire Jingle Rope Large

ZXTR2 - XTireJingleRope Small

ZTBB1 - Talking Babble Ball Large

ZTBB2 - Talking Babble Ball Medium

ZTBB3 - Talking Babble Ball Small

ZTBB4 - Cat Babble Ball with Catnip

ZABB1 Animal Sounds Babble Ball Large

ZABB2 - Animal Sounds Babble Ball Medium

ZABB3 - Animal Sounds Babble Ball Small

ZBUB1 Doggy IncrediBubbles

ZBUB2 Cat IncrediBubbles

ZBUB3 IncrediBubbles

P140 Large Hedgehog

P141 Small Hedgehog

P155 - Sock Monkeys

P165 - Red-Rope-Bird

P172 - Small Squeak Newspaper

WD4 - War Dog Bone

Flavorit Flex Bacon Infused

Flavorit Flex Breath Mint Infused

Flavorit Flex Peanut Butter

Flavorit Mint Flavor Infused

Flavorit Peanut Butter Flavor Infused

Flavorit Sweet Potato Flavor

Z - Flavorit Flex Breath

Z - Flavorit Flex Breath - Peanut Butter

Flavorit Chicken Flavor Infused

Flavorit 2-packs

ZFL100 - Flavorit Flex Combo PB-Mint Small

ZFL101 - Flavorit Combo PB-Mint Small

ZFL102 - Flavorit Combo Berry-SwtPotato Small

ZXTA's Animal X-Tire Balls

ZXTB's Blinky X-Tire Balls

ZXTJ's Jingle X-Tire Balls

Puppy Puck with Header

PP2 Puppy Puck

EM1 - Latex Emojis

EM2 - Latex Angry Fish

FF1 – Fetch N Floss Ring

FR2 – Fetch N Fly

IB2 – Irresistiball Treat Ball


Marketing Resources - Lifestyle Images




Flavorit GSD

Flavorit GSD

Flavorit SP

Flavorit SP

Flavorit Theo

Flavorit Bone



Flavorit PB



Lotte Sock Monkey

Lotte Sock Monkey

Maggie Loves Orbit

Maggie Loves Orbit

Nylon Antlers

Pancake with Flavorit Chicken

Plush Newspaper


BarkBone Lifestyle

BarkBone Lifestyle

BarkBone Lifestyle

Pet Qwerks Wholesale

Pet Qwerks Wholesale

Resellers and News Media are welcome to download and use the files for such Pet Qwerks wholesale and retail purposes so long as clear identification or credit is included such as by “Pet Qwerks, Inc.”™ or “Babble Ball”™ , etc.

Pet Qwerks was founded with the introduction of the Babble Balls in 2004. Pet Qwerks Inc have grown into a company that manufactures lines of dog toys, pet toys, dog chews, dog treats, nylabone, dog chew toys, dog babble balls, plush toys, puppy toys, pet chews, plush, retrieving toys, chews & now products Made in USA. Those were our first products and they remain our flagship today. Our focus has always been innovation and enriching the lives of pets. While the heart of Pet Qwerks remains in the interactive category, we have grown to manufacture plush, rubber and now an exceptional line of Made in USA Flavorit dog chews. As always, our products are different from the rest. More than anything, we are still a small, family owned and operated business that takes great pride in our ability to offer exceptional value and service to each and every customer.

While doing some marketing research we came across quite a bit of coverage of animals playing with our pet toys Check out the videos all on

The image and sound files on this website are provided for the limited purpose of the promotion and/or sale of Pet Qwerks products. Removal of images from this site without permission is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Pet Qwerks™, Blinky Ball™ and Rainbow Ball™ are trademarks of Pet Qwerks, Inc. Babble Ball® is a registered trademark of Pet Qwerks, Inc. is subsidiary of Pet Qwerks, Inc. Multiple patents pending for Babble Balls®, Blinky Balls™ and Rainbow Balls™. Domestic and international intellectual rights reserved.