How Dogs are Categorized

Dog owners need to know all they can about their dogs so that they can give their pets the best life possible. Some dogs require high energy exercises, while others require moderate exercise to stay healthy. Some dogs require specialized grooming, while others require only light grooming to look good. One way to know what to expect from your dog and the best way to care for them is to understand the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) dog groups. The AKC categorizes dogs into seven groups based on behavior and temperament.

The dogs in the terrier group were initially bred to kill vermin for their masters. These dogs vary in size from very small to large breeds. However, most of them share the characteristic trait of wiry fur that requires a specialized type of grooming known as stripping. Terries are aggressive in nature. They are gutsy and don’t stand down in a fight or argument. Sometimes they are even confrontational. They need an owner who is equally stubborn and one who doesn’t mind putting them in their place.

The toy group is made up of cute, cuddly and tiny dogs. A Chihuahua comes to mind when this category is mentioned. The dogs were bred as lap dogs that owners can cuddle in cold weather and carry around with ease. Today, these dogs are preferred in apartments because of their small size that makes them easy to maintain. They require less time grooming, less food, and if they ever need physical restraining, their small size makes it easy to handle them.