Wedding with dogs
May 12, 2017

Wedding with Dogs: Things to Consider

You’ve been with your dog for a very long time she’s become a part of your life. Long before your partner came into your life, your dog was all you had for company, and the bond you formed from spending good and bad times together have made you inseparable. It only makes sense that she […]

Taking care of senior dogs
May 4, 2017

How to Care for a Senior Dog

I have brought up my Rottweiler since she was eight weeks. She has become so much part of the family that I just can’t imagine life without her, or how it used to be before she came to us. She is now four years old and I know in another six years she will turn […]

Sleeping with Dogs
April 27, 2017

Sleeping with Dogs: Pros and Cons

So the bond between you and your dog is really tight, and you see no problem having him sleep on the same bed with you. Or maybe it’s one of your kids who loves the family dog so much that he doesn’t mind having the pet sleep on the bed instead of on the pet […]