Dogs dream too
June 2, 2017

Dogs Dream too

I have very cheerful nephews, and they like to play with their favorite (smile) aunt because they think I’m an old lady, although the age difference is only eight years. One day one of them called me with a hushed voice and indicated that I should approach with stealth. I did as I was told […]

What to do on your dog Due Date
May 26, 2017

What to Do on Your Dog’s Due Date

In my younger days, I would get warned not to go near a dog while she was giving birth. I was also told that if I touch the puppies before they turned one week old, they would die. When I got older and finally got dogs of my own, I was determined not to lose […]

Why dogs eat dirt and how to stop the habit
May 18, 2017

Why Dogs Eat Dirt and How to Stop the Habit

Your dog might have engaged in some pretty strange behaviors. Sometimes when he is nauseous he eats grass, and other times he may eat your favorite shoe especially during teething. But that’s not all the strangeness you’ll see yet. Sometimes dogs eat dirt, a habit that may be a real shocker to you. But why […]