Doggone Times

August 25, 2016

Of Daughters and Dogs- IQ and Renewed Respect (Part I)

I remember my daughter at two. She was cute as a button, yet as cunning as they come. She was and still is one of the most intelligent little humans I have come across. At that age, she could clearly communicate verbally, she knew all her ABCs and what objects each letter went with and multiple other things that still amaze me to date. She was way ahead of her […]
August 20, 2016

What to Do About Incessant Barking

A friend called in distress. She needed help because her dog was barking incessantly and her neighbor had complained to the authorities. The friend had been told to do something about the barking or else she couldn’t keep her dog any longer, because the neighbor couldn’t stand that noise. As a person who has lived with dogs for a while now, I have come across this problem before. I understood […]
August 14, 2016

Summer Fun with Your Furry Friend

Summer’s here, and you’ve dug out your outfits from the closet ready for some serious basking. Plan to include your four-legged friend in your fun. Including your dog in family activities creates a better bond between you and your dog, and helps the dog get familiar with new environments. Fun in the park Plan a picnic basket with you and your pet’s lunch and spend the afternoon together. If your […]
August 9, 2016

Fun Ways to Keep your Dog Cool in Summer

Summer brings with it a lot of excitement. It’s a time to be outdoors in light clothes without worrying about the chill. It’s a time to slather on sunscreen and relax on the lounge chair and soak in some sun on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s also a time the human body is able to cool itself with lots of sweating. Unfortunately, our dogs can’t do the same. Although they […]
August 5, 2016

Fit for Human Consumption, Unfit for Canines

Way back, before I was as savvy as I am now about dogs and their care, a cousin told me what sounded like an old wives tale. He told me that he had gone to visit a dog he was training for the usual lessons, only to find the dog very sick. On enquiring the cause, he was told the owners had fed him chocolate and biscuits, and the dog […]
July 31, 2016

Making your Home Dog Proof

There is a dog next door that Buster finds irresistible. The fact that she is in heat further compounds matters, because now he has even learned to open the gate. We have had to put the gate’s handle far up where he can’t reach. This is not the first time we have had to change our lives for the dogs’ safety.To keep your house safe for your dog, you need […]