All About Purebred Dogs featured
June 23, 2017

All About Purebred Dogs

As far as purebred dogs go, my favorites are Boxers, Rottweillers, and Labradors in no particular order. I just love large breeds so I already own these three, and I hope to one day own a Great Dane or a St. Bernard. May 1st is the National day set to celebrate purebred dogs. The most […]

taking your dog out to dinner
June 15, 2017

Considerations to Make while Taking your Dog Out to Dinner

It’s a special day for you and your loved ones- maybe an anniversary, a birthday, or you are celebrating a promotion at work. You then decide to celebrate with a good meal, and feel compelled to take the whole family out, including the canine members. Here are a few ways to make the experience easy […]

Celebrate your dog on National Best Friend featured
June 6, 2017

Celebrate your Pup on National Best Friend’s Day

I’m about to hit an age where most people feel the need to take stock on what they have achieved so far in their life, and I’m no exception. I decided to dig around the internet to see how others felt when they hit that age. On one board, a guy narrated how his life […]