Doggone Times

October 7, 2016
Fall fun with your canine friend

Fall Fun with Your Canine Friend

It’s that season when the temperatures are starting to fall, and walking outdoors for extended periods is not a problem. If you love sweaters, this is the time to show them off as well as those turtle and cowl necks you had to put away in summer. It’s also good news for your dog because now she won’t collapse from the excessive summer heat. Here are some fun things you […]
September 30, 2016
Taking care of older dogs

Taking Care of Older Dogs

I once owned a dog named Timmy. She was a mixed breed and I could never really tell her origins, but she was one of the most intelligent dogs I’ve ever owned. She was a small dog, and that amazed me with the kind of bark she owned and the amount of energy. But then I left for high school and we kind of lost touch, only seeing her when […]
September 22, 2016
Why puppies are born deaf and blind

Why Puppies are Born Deaf and Blind

When our female Rottweiler had a new litter, I invited my daughter to take a look. The puppies were around a week old, and still had their eyes shut. Joan started whistling and making cooing sounds to get their attention, but she got no response. She turned to me bewildered, asking why the puppies were not responding. Didn’t they like her? I explained that, in addition to having their eyes […]
September 16, 2016
Taking care of a new litter

Taking Care of a New Litter

I’ve taken care of several litters now and I can confidently say I have come a long way since my first rookie experience. I can also tell you no two litters are the same, and just because you have seen so many doesn’t mean you won’t be mesmerized at the sight of newborn puppies. The first time I handled a new litter, I would go in to check in on […]
September 10, 2016
Choosing a groomer for your dog

Choosing a Groomer for Your Dog

Everyone agrees that a clean dog is cuddly and looks nice. It’s the process of cleaning, shaving according to breed, and clipping that can be tiresome. This is the point where groomers come in to save the day. Maybe you just want your furry friend to look neat, or maybe you have important visitors coming over and you want your dog to look presentable. If you have a groomer who […]
August 31, 2016

Of Daughters and Dogs- IQ and Renewed Respect (Part II)

We were both obviously unable to give her answers, even at this older age. But still shocked she could remember. Yet dogs are said to be that intelligent. No wonder some dogs, once they mark a person as an intruder, can still remember him years later. If they mark a person as their friend, they never forget. For example, Timmy. She had been my best friend growing up, then life […]