Travel safety tips featured
August 3, 2017

Travel Safety Tips: Why your Dog Must Buckle Up Too

Our dogs join our family and soon become so much a part of us that we can’t imagine life without them, even if that means a few hours away on a road trip. This means we take them along on road trips and all manner of vacations, and also take them with us when running […]

The Dog park safety tips featured
July 27, 2017

Dog Park Safety Tips: Dos and Don’ts

Dog parks are fun especially in spring. The dog can finally go outdoors without you worrying about the winter cold, and the colors everywhere and the green grass look like heaven after the winter gloom. The best part is the dog can play off-leash since this is a park designed specifically for canines. But just […]

Preparing your dog for disaster
July 21, 2017

Preparing your Dog for Disaster

I was watching a documentary on Discovery Channel the other day, when one of the commentators made one of the most sensible remarks I’ve ever heard. He said that due to our short life spans, we tend to think that the landscape is permanent. In reality, the landscape is always shifting. Thinking about it, I […]