August 25, 2017

How Dogs are Categorized II

The sporting group is made up of pointers, setters, retrievers, and spaniels. These dogs are simply a ball of energy to have around. They take to swimming like fish, and are at their best running wild in the outdoors. They require intensive exercise for optimum health and, just like dogs in the working group, are […]

August 17, 2017

How Dogs are Categorized

Dog owners need to know all they can about their dogs so that they can give their pets the best life possible. Some dogs require high energy exercises, while others require moderate exercise to stay healthy. Some dogs require specialized grooming, while others require only light grooming to look good. One way to know what […]

August 12, 2017

Bringing Your New Pet Home: Tips For Ensuring A Smooth Transition

When it comes to dogs, there is typically more work that needs to be done during this transition period. Adding a pet to the family is exciting for everybody involved, but the process can be stressful for the animals. Prepare your home before their arrival and give them an opportunity to explore and settle in before expecting too much of them.