February 24, 2017

Dietary Concerns for Specific Diseases in Dogs

Feeding canine family members is easy for most dog owners. The only consideration most of us make is whether the dog food is recommended for adult dogs or puppies, and we choose appropriately depending on the age of our pets. At times however, dogs need a special diet that is not dependent solely on their […]

February 16, 2017

Constipation in Dogs – Causes and Symptoms

Just like humans, dogs get constipated. Constipation is defined as the inability to defecate properly. Constipation in dogs is caused by several factors, such as swallowing an obstructive object e.g. a bone, hair, or grass. The object(s) is not digested, and in the process of trying to eliminate it, it blocks the way and the […]

February 10, 2017

How to Deal with a Dog Who is Mourning

Dogs, just like human beings, experience grief. This may be due to the loss of a loved person or the loss of another dog. I once saw my yellow Lab get depressed after she lost her puppy. We tried everything we could do to save the puppy, but to no avail. Once the puppy was […]