Dog Toys Products

Dog Toys Products

Collections of incredible USA made Dog Toys Products in a variety of chew, plush, ball, tire & rope that works best for your canine and feline companion.

Dog Chew Toys with Tiny flavor cells are molded into both sides, simply fill the cells with peanut butter, cheese, or your dog’s favorite spread.

Dog toys that talk or make exciting animal sounds when touched, so sensitive it can be triggered by a pet breathing on it.

An all time favorite Plush Toys for dogs that makes cute chattering sounds & create a unique rustling sounds. Electronic voice!

Tire toys are easy for dogs to retrieve; they have a fun rolling action. Every ball makes more than 20 realistic animal sounds.

X-Tire Ball Single Rope Toys are a pair of small tires ruggedly molded as a single ball with a hollow center tied with rope.

The toy entertains cats and dogs alike with a fun combination of both hyper talking and exciting animal sounds. It is available in three versions: the Kitty Babble Ball, the Small Doggie Babble Ball, and the Big Doggie Babble Ball. Powered with three long life batteries.”

The Babble Ball makes funny noises and wisecracks when touched or breathed on, to create an illusion that the ball is “alive.” “Hey, what are you doing?” Grrr! ,”That tickles” are some of the sounds it shouts out when triggered by a pet breathing, pawing, biting, or the vibrations from just walking past it. There are three versions, a cat version, big dog, and small dog version.”Brian Wettstein in Winter Park. “They buy the raised feeders or beds and toys, toys, toys.” Gift possibilities this year include the Babble Ball, which is on its way to pet stores, said Melanie Frenkel, a spokeswoman for Pet Qwerks Inc. There’s one for cats, one for small dogs and one for big dogs. Information is available at 949-347-8492 or online at”

“Want to make your dogs really happy this holiday season? Take them for a walk through the woods or along a trail. The magnitude of smells, sounds and sights will keep them smiling for days. But be careful: If you aren’t used to walking your dog in this kind of setting, you might want to use a leash. In fact, it would be a great day trip for the whole family. But if you prefer to actually buy presents for your dogs, here are some ideas that I think are pretty neat. There’s a new toy called “Babble Ball” that has pre-recorded sayings that will play when your dog or cat moves the ball.