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Dog Plush Toys

Dog Plush Toys

An all time favorite Dog Plush Toys for dogs that makes cute chattering sounds & create a unique rustling sounds. Electronic voice!

Dog Plush Toys, Cute Chattering and Rustling Sounds ideal for Pet. We had our doubts that our cat would watch TV. Sure enough she’s glued to the screen. You have a nice product and we will recommend it to our cat friends. Thank you.

Thanks for turning our two cats into TV junkies. They come running when they hear the DVD starting to play. A crazy idea but it sure works!

Hello! I am looking for the Babble Ball. I picked one up at the Shih Tzu National in San Francisco in May. My dogs love it. I cannot find a store near me in Ontario Canada. My pet store will purchase it if I can find a distributor. Would you please let me know where the nearest place is. Thank you.

“Deep down we know that what a dog really wants for the holidays is what’s on our dinner plates, and what a cat wants is to play with some ribbon and be left alone. But because we’re only human and have a deep need to include our pets in the festivities, we buy them presents too. Here’s a few gift possibilities we tried on our own panel of cat and dog testers to get you in the pet-shopping spirit.

New toys coming out for dogs tend to play off the animals’ intelligence and are more creative and durable than toys of just a few years ago. The Babble Ball is triggered by the slightest vibration or even a pet’s breathing. Each ball is programmed with numerous phrases like”Rock ‘n’ roll big doggie” or “Here kitty, kitty” and is available for dogs and cats.”