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Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive Dog Toys

Since the inception of Pet Qwerks in 2003, our efforts have been focused on providing interactive dog toys that hold the pet’s attention. We have grown into a company that manufactures lines of interactive dog toys, dog chews, cat toys & pet toys, nylon bone are now products Made in USA. Pet Qwerks was founded with the introduction of the Babble Balls in 2004. Those were our first products and they remain our flagship today. Our focus has always been innovation and enriching the lives of pets. While the heart of Pet Qwerks remains in the interactive category, we have grown to manufacture plush, rubber and now an exceptional line of Made in USA Flavorit dog chews and dog toys. As always, our products are different from the rest. More than anything, we are still a small, family owned and operated business that takes great pride in our ability to offer exceptional value and service to each and every customer.

What material are the balls made from?

The outer casing of the balls is made from non-toxic, rigid, hi-impact plastic. It is tough enough to discourage most chewers.

My Babble Ball didn’t work when I pulled out the deactivation strip?

The deactivation strip slides between and separates the batteries for transporting. Sometimes the batteries do not pop into position when the strip is removed. Usually, a sharp tap on a hard surface will do the trick.

My Babble Ball suddenly stopped working?

It is possible that the circuitry and components experienced an electrical crash similar to what happens to a computer.

In this case the ball needs to be reset. Simply reinstall the plastic strip through the slot and between the batteries. Allow the ball dog toys to rest for a minute and remove the strip. You can also cut a small strip of rigid plastic to fit if you have lost the original strip.

Can I deactivate the Babble Ball dog toys?

Yes. Simply slide the plastic strip back into the battery slot and between the batteries. It’s advisable to deactivate the balls if you are going in a car or other form of transportation.